In our first writings, the origins-of-poems blog post and the TURNITIN “choice paragraph,” I wanted to hear your thoughts about poetry and see your facility with writing.  From this perspective, the opening compositions succeeded.  I observed, for example, who is more or less able to focus a post, especially given a broad prompt.  I also gained a sense of what specific grammatical issues cause confusion in people’s sentences.

In other words, successful responses in our first two assignments distinguished themselves by clearly defining their main idea; maintaining focus on that concept, largely through the effective use of transitional words or phrases; and by composing clear individual sentences.

At this early point in the year, my main suggestion is:  proofread your work before publishing or submitting it.  Take the time.  For my part, rather than show examples of frequently occurring, yet basic, errors from these first two assignments, I will simply leave you with this advice to proofread.  Incidentally, I cannot help but remind some of you that “there” and “their” mean two different things. As for proofreading blog posts, in today’s class we have established blogging buddies who, like lab partners in science, will help you produce clean results.  Make a habit of  using the “request feedback” feature in WordPress, in order to run your writing by a willing classmate.

a note on grades–see the “evaluation” section in the course description page of this course blog