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commonplace bookBy this coming Friday, August 23, please have created a page on your blog–called “Notable Quotes, or, if you prefer “Commonplace Book.”  Use this page to store quotations–from your classmates’ blog posts or from our course readings–that for one reason or another you want to remember.  This page keeps these quotations accessible in one location.

Use the “categories” function to organize these quotes by topic.  For example, I am thinking of a poem by a Polish woman; in that work, she compares poetry to an old scarf, among other things.  When I record those lines of her poem in my “Commonplace Book,” I will put it under the category of “Poetry.”  Later, once I have accumulated a wide variety of notable quotes, I can search for all of the quotations that say something about poetry.  A category, then, describes the topic or subject of a quotation that I want to remember.


photo credit: http://www.moleskinerie.com/images/various/adj.jpg