on board, concise responses to HW (word or phrase that captures the lines you composed for homework)

together, cluster/constellate the words/phrases on the board

group by constellation, in order to explain your metaphor to each other; be sure to listen well enough to offer a group member’s explanation

Draft a blog post (Wednesday’s C block, draft by hand) that answers this question: Where do poems come from?  In your post, use as resources (a) the lines you drafted for homework, (b) ideas from today’s constellation discussion and (c) specific line(s) from one of the recommended poems* (see below).

Have someone in your constellation proof your draft, before you post it on your blog, asking for feedback with these questions: is the writing clear, specific and developed?

Title your post, in order to engagingly, memorably capture the main idea in your post.  Also, for the adventurous/courageous among you, attach an image to draw readers’ attention to this post and its central concept.

Finally, publish this first post.  (C block, do this for homework–before Friday’s class, since the tech staff is re-imaging your laptops today.)

sample student blog post

*recommended poems (from our text, Introduction to Poetry)

“The Fish” (87)

“My Life Has Stood” (108)

“God’s Grandeur” (156)

“Those Winter Sundays” (9)