Given this weekend’s prom and related events, let us make the next blog post due by Tuesday, April 23.

If you are ready and so inclined, I recommend posting yours before this weekend.

As far as I can see, the blog posts’ primary value is that they help you develop a clear picture of the insights emerging from your book.  The final project is meant to communicate these insight(s) to other people.  Therefore, articulating the new understanding(s) first to yourself–through the blog posts–is an important step.

Remember that when you have an idea worth pursuing in a blog post, you can save it as a draft on your blog.  More and more, I find this feature of wordpress a helpful way to gain momentum in my writing.  I stow, I store ideas for later development.  This storing saves energy because I do not need to remember that great idea I had; I know where to find it–in a handy place.