Before reviewing notes from all three sections’ discussions about assessments, I will express a leaning towards two main scoring arenas: blog posts and final presentation.  I score the former, namely regular weekend reflections, applying the same criteria I used for previous blog assignments.  In other words, does the post clearly express its ideas, and does it use compelling specific evidence to illustrate those ideas?  For the final presentation, the purpose of which is to effectively communicate the primary insight(s)/understanding(s) you took from the book, students create the rubric.  I am willing to join several students in assessing a presentation–according to this rubric.  I will not, however, assume the responsibility alone.  Bearing this burden myself seems unfair and unproductive; it contradicts the concept underlying this whole unit.

The paragraph above, then, constitutes a simple proposal.  I will review the notes from last Friday’s discussions.  If those details suggest I revise my proposal, I will do so before this Friday’s class (12 April 2013).  In the meantime, and this is one of the beauties of blogs, you can comment on my proposal.  As with any piece of writing, make your comment clear and specific; such replies produce a more resilient, more meaningful solution.