Find this writer’s “primary take away” from this national conference. What does this message suggest about our design of the upcoming “biographical unit”?


After you have written a paragraph-response to this question, see if this article by Thomas Friedman–called “Learning . . . ,” adjusts your thinking about the upcoming unit.

it's about learning

After a few days of reflecting on #NAISAC13 (the National Association of Independent Schools’ Annual Conference 2013), I am hopeful!

From the general sessions that NAIS curated, I cannot imagine that there could be much confusion about core message – schooling and education are experiencing a grand revolution, and NAIS schools can be leaders or left behind in this revolutionIt’s a choice.

Jim Collins reprised his strong thoughts on Good to Great and Great by Choice. He was clear that level 5 leadership builds “enduring greatness through a paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will.” He reminded us that mediocrity comes more often from chronic inconsistency than resistance to change. He implored us – new initiatives piled on are not the answer. Rather, knowing who you are, discerning with creativity what you can do of greater value than anyone else, and remaining disciplined about marching…

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