finish work on Claudius’s soliloquy and Hamlet’s hesitation-monolgue (individually)

in BODY of an email (subject: Ham Clau)

write out three separate instances of juxtaposed lines from yesterday’s interpolation exercise (Hamlet’s lines in bold, and Claudius’s inserted lines underneath in italics)

under each instance of textual juxtaposition, explain what discovery emerges–about either character or about some other aspect of the play

start work on the Hamlet-Gertrude scene that ends Act 3

rhythm of Act 3 Scene 4 (adapted from synopses atop even-numbered pages of this scene)

H scares G

H dismisses P

H says G defiles true love

H says G can’t see true good from bad

H says G can’t control sexual desire

H reviles C

Gh warns H

H comforts, reassures G

H asks G to abstain

H tells G he’s heaven’s agent

H asks G not to reveal him


H plans to kill R & G