A changed Hamlet?  cf. Claudius’s request, “Give me some light” (3.2.244)

To consider today’s question and the next stage the play, the character and your interpretation of both, use what you have already written about Hamlet’s character. 

H’s first response to King’s reaction (246-264)–change from what you know about H’s character?

R&G relay G’s request to see her son (265-302)

H’s encounter with R & G (303-336) What does the recorder image reveal about change vs. intensification?–change from what you know about H’s character? cf. earlier scenes with these two “friends”

H “playing on Polonius” and promising revenge (337-360)

C responds to (the new?) Hamlet, while R&G flatter (3.3.1-35)

a theme from this section of readings:  flattery–just another form of deceit

future questions: Hamlet the misogynist?  Hamlet the hypocrite?  Hamlet the joyless?  Does H love Ophelia, or did he ever?