Review exam conditions, wording* and strategies.  As time allows, proceed with practice exercises.

*For wording see google doc on Raw Materials page of this blog.  This document is a facsimile of the actual exam, minus the questions’ contents.

Basic conditions

regular time exams–9:45-12 noon, in the gym; extended time exams 9-12, in Groesbeck

make sure you bring a charged laptop; those without will write in blue books

after completing exam, store closed laptop under your seat

bring only: laptop, Beowulf and Frankenstein texts, reading book for after exam (if you want)

all students remain in testing area until noon dismissal

Exam wording

See exam wording on Raw Materials page of this blog.

Strategies–for review and exam-writing

Review:  individually or with others, design and respond to questions you imagine might appear on the exam.

Exam-writing: read the whole exam, before you write anything; decide in what order you want to answer questions; pace yourself; in the essay, pay special attention to transitions between sections; before submitting your exam sections, proofread.