weekend reflection

Referring specifically to  the post that explained the rationale for these weekend reflections, please assess the value of these regular writings.  For example, from your perspective, have they achieved some of the intended goals?  Is this a practice worth continuing?  What is your reaction to the grading philosophy I have been using?  Does it support or obstruct the intended goals of these regular reflections?  These are all sample questions–not a list of required queries.  Do refer, however, to specific statements in the September 21st explanatory post.  Thank you.  Rather than assume this practice is working for you, I want to see respectful, honest assessments of the practice’s value.

p.s. If you are not already doing so, please tag your posts, including past ones, with ideas you find recurring throughout these writings.  Adding, or reviewing, these tags will help you consider the actual value of these reflections.