1. Brief discussion of past English exams and outline of upcoming test.

Upcoming test: Part 1 Poetry, short answer; Part 2 Beowulf and Frankenstein, essay

2. Finish reading novel, or start following exercise:

                                                                 Exercise, post-Frankenstein

Background: Considerable confusion has arisen around terms that refer to prominent ideas in a work of literature.  For this exercise, we will use two of these terms: subject and theme.  Think of subject as synonymous with the term topic, whereas a theme makes a statement about the subject.  For example, the epic poem, Beowulf, contains such subjects as courage, honor and prudence.  Correspondingly, readers may see a theme like this: While physical courage may produce pride, individuals need to be on their guard to balance their courage with an even temper.  Themes, in other words, emerge as statements that the literary work offers regarding certain subjects.  Themes appear as complete sentences.

Task: For Volume 2 and Volume 3 each, make one index card—for a total of two cards.  On the front of each card, write one significant subject from that volume of Frankenstein and underneath it write a corresponding theme.  On the back of the card, write a brief passage that reflects the theme; also write your name on this back side.  After completing both cards, please return them with these instructions.