Over the holiday, read Volume 3, which ends Mary Shelley’s novel.  Mark your text occasionally–for sentences that illustrate prominent themes.

As you read, consider the questions from this link to a blog I use for reading notes          (readingcolors.wordpress.com):

whence the monster?

Enjoy the holiday.

Enjoy the rest of this well-known, but not always well-understood, story.

p.s. As for writing, review my short wonderings about Vol. 1 of Frankenstein.  Using this model for length and content, post a querie on your own blog about Vol. 2– before you start (or progress too far into) Vol. 3. Make sure to give this post an instructive title.  Sentences marked in your text provide valuable starting points; they serve as grounding wires to channel your responses.   Notice that this writing differs in length and purpose from our regular weekend reflections; this one is shorter and more interrogatory.