In the block class this week, you will write a formal essay-response to one of several questions distributed at the start of class.  These questions come from the working list of topics displayed in Tuesday’s class–topics that have emerged from recent student blog posts.

In today’s (Tuesday’s) class,  groups found lines that could support a response to one of the working topics, and those lines appear in this google doc; the line numbers represent findings from all three sections.

The in-class writing asks you to write about an aspect of the overall poem–i.e., to weave various threads of the story into one unified interpretation. You will need your books, in order to include quotations from the text.

As for format, I ask that you use the basic sequence described in this outline of the “11-sentence” paragraph.  As you see in this document, the number “11” is a general guide to the parts of the writing; you certainly will use more than this many sentences.

Preparing for this writing means reviewing these working topics and the corresponding lines offered underneath. (Remember that by no means are you limited to using only the lines your classmates have suggested; you can use these, or any others you find.) Imagine how you might respond to a question formed from each of these topics.  Where possible, think how you could connect a topic to another one on the list.  Certainly, mark the margins of your book for passages that might prove useful for more than one question.