While the rest of the class conferences with me, please do the following, as you read toward line 2000 (for Monday). Do this work on your own; don’t outsource or sub-contract. Remember that part of the context for this work is this weekend’s regular reflection, which will appear as new post on your blog before 8am Monday.

If you are not conferencing with me today, please email me some of your reading notes before class ends.  If you are conferencing, email me–during class–your brief summary of issues in your writing that we discussed.  This summary gives you the chance to digest the conference, as well as give both of us a record of what we addressed. 

summary–write 5-10-sentence summary of plot so far

physical details–mark some lines that use especially specific and memorable language that appeals to your physical senses

keel and comprehension–consider Heaney’s sentence on xxi, in terms of the physical sensations, as well as the broader understandings the poem encourages

themes–consider the poem’s themes, like suffering, courage, wyrd, treasure, etc.