Complete your original poem, based on one of the “poem ideas” identified in Friday’s class (see below).  As you work on it, have fun, have patience and have in mind that–eventually, not this weekend–you will be writing what I call a PDF, which is a prose commentary about what you planned and then what you discovered during the making of the poem.  The “F” represents your Final thoughts–about your poem, your subject, your insights, or about poetry in general.

Make your poem at least fifteen lines;

they need not rhyme.

If they do sometimes,

that, too, is fine.

Remember the monologue of the millipede,

and its color-coded comments,

which are meant to help

you see the possibilities–

what you can do

with each of your words

and how you can weave

the various threads together

into a work of art.

Poem ideas (based on this)

apply principle of of repetition to an element–e.g., a word, phrase, line, sound, etc. (HIES art exhibit)

Monologue for a(n) ____________ (“Monologue for an Onion”)

based on or including a metaphor for writing (“Digging”)

parallel subject and metaphor (“The Writer”)

a blessing (“A Blessing”)

nature’s beauty, or juxtaposition of beauty and unlikely complement (“Composed upon Westminster Bridge”)

gratitude (“When in disgrace with Fortune”)