Please wait to start your individual blogs in class because I want us to benefit from each other as we launch.  In the meantime, review these general guidelines.

A special note of thanks to Stacy, Chandler and Payton for helping solve the technical obstacles to our access.  Through a series of email exchanges and individual trials, they pulled us through to a solution.  Thank you.


I imagine this blog as primarily a place for reflection, meaning personal reflections on our material and your responses to it.  Follow your thoughts; try to express them as clearly as you can, so that you and others can enjoy and learn from them.

Take care of your online identity, as well as that of people included in your musings, because I want these blogs to be open to the internet.  In other words, no one needs a password to access the thoughts you express.  For examples of this and the other guidelines in action, see my blog at maroonballoon.

Use categories and tags to your advantage, as ways to keep track of your recurring ideas and subjects.

Write freely, while taking care to revise your posts for clarity.