Before Monday’s class, have written at least the opening paragraph to your essay response to the “Writing Assignment on Tone” (IP 44).  For this assignment, use any poem from chapter two but “My Papa’s Waltz.”  Submit your partial (or full) essay draft to TURNITIN, before Monday’s class starts.  A full, revised draft will be due by the 3:30 PM Tuesday–also submitted to TURNITIN.

We will use the content writing rubric for assessment.  A copy of this rubric appears on the “Raw Materials” page.   On that same page, you will find the short writing rubric, which we will use for shorter assignments like reflections and this week’s first TURNITIN submission, “What I have learned about poetry.”

General advice for this tone essay: 1) use the “Sample Student Paper” to study general organization and specific phrasing 2) for guidance, review “More Topics for Writing” because the wording of those questions may give you ideas about your chosen poem or your essay’s organization 3) remember that this exercise focuses on the “speaker’s attitude.”