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By this Friday, the 17th, have read and marked the first chapter (“Reading a Poem”) of Kennedy/Gioia’s Introduction to Poetry.  While reading the chapter and its poems, ask yourself, “On which poem would I like to reflect in writing?”  Have a rough sense of why you happen to pick this poem at this moment.  Also, be familiar with the chapter’s “terms for review”–an instruction that applies to any assigned chapter.

FYI, the title of this assignment means it is a weekly assignment.  In other words, you have the week to accomplish it.  The “due date” means you are to have completed the assignment BEFORE Friday’s class starts.  We likely will begin the year by reading one chapter per week in Kennedy/Gioia.  Typically, our class exercises and activities will bear some relationship to the material in the week’s chapters.  I recommend that in these opening weeks, you read all of the chapter’s poems as soon as possible, then return to read the surrounding prose.  This method gives you concrete examples to consider–examples from the poems, as you digest definitions, explanations and analysis.  Plus, poems grow on, and in, you by your carrying them around in your memory.  Typically, you will reflect in writing at the end of each week–on material from the week.  Carrying poems with you over time enriches the possibilities for reflection.