agenda Wed Sep 20: final leg of the journey of Dr. Frankenstein and his Creation

learning goal: what one page in the final volume of Shelley’s novel best illustrates what has happened to the relationship between Dr. Frankenstein and his Creation?

brief intro with passages from N. Carr’s book re calm, deep reading and empathy

reading time

responding time



agenda Mon Sep 18: Milton, PARADISE LOST

learning goal: what is meter?  what meter does Milton use in his epic poem, Paradise Lost?

individually, write summary of assigned argument on sheet provided

in group of four, compose original summary of Milton’s argument for one of the last books in Paradise Lost–type and submit group’s one consensus summary (be prepared to read to whole class)

in group, define “meter” and identify Milton’s meter in lines from your “argument handout”

full-class review of meter in general and in lines from Milton’s poem

as time allows, full-class discussion of meter, poem’s content, echoes of poem in Shelley’s novel




agenda Fri Sep 8: FRNKNSTN focus groups

learning goal: what are the most insights about your group’s focus topic that arise from your group’s conversation? what makes these insights significant?

group-conversation protocol: one at a time, present passage that produces a significant insight into the novel, especially in terms of the group’s assigned focus; allow each presenter time to preview  the reading of the passage by explaining the context, time to read the passage, and time to explain the insight and its significance.  Give each member the time necessary to do these things thoughtfully.  After each member’s presentation, open the floor for discussion of that passage and the presenter’s explanation.

During the process, feel free to take notes for yourself, in order to keep track of ideas and details you  want to remember while reading Volume 2 and for future conversations in your focal group.





agenda Fri Sep 1: character foils in FRaNKeNSTeiN

10:20 – 11:10 E  
11:15 – 12:05 F

learning goal: what are several significant differences between key facets of Robert Walton’s and Victor Frankenstein’s personalities? what is a character foil?

step 1: arrange in assigned groups (TBA)

step 2: individually, create one slide that represents a key facet of your assigned character’s personality with only these two ingredients:

(a) an image that metaphorically or symbolically represents a key facet of the character

(b) a corresponding sentence from your text (with page number)

step 3: with partners, check each other’s slide for clarity and effectiveness

step 4: individual presentations to whole group, alternating between characters

if time allows, make at least one note somewhere on the inside of your bookmark

hmwrk: poem due by next class–i.e., Poetry Day, Wed Sep 6



agenda Mon Aug 28: J&H stage 3

learning goal: answer custom question attached to your stage 2 response

Stage 3 ground rules:

200-400-word original response

the word “evil” appears nowhere in your writing

you make reference to, or include, at least two sentences from your own 10-sentence exercise created last week

(on your 10-sentence sheet, mark any sentences referred to or included in this stage-3 response)

submit stage 3 response to TURNITIN–no later than midnight tonight, EST

return your 10-sentence sheet by the end of today’s class