agenda M/T May 1/2: presentations


May 1  / D

Bio Blog post #4 due

Focused reflection on whole biography
D7  Dylan
D8  Keillor
D9  Austin
Chem (8am)


Envi Sci (8am)

Matt, Taylor, James, Annabel, Cameron, Patterson, Sarah, Kaitlyn

Emmanuel, Lane, Cole
Psych (noon)

Cameron, Chase,


2  / F (8:30)
F1 Sarah
F2  Matt
F3  Lexie
F4  Taylor

Computer Science A (8am)

Russell, Ross, Isabelle, Chase,

Grace, Keillor, Dylan

Spanish Language and Culture (8am)

Physics 1: Alg-based (noon)


3rd blog post due Mon Apr 24; fourth and final blog post due Mon May 1

Continue to find an image to accompany these posts–an image that literally or figuratively captures a main idea in the post.

Now that we have seen several presentations, I want to remind you to create slides that contain images and very little if any text–so that you talk to us, rather than read to us.  It is easy to slip into the slide-text-reading mode, so challenge yourself to keep text to a bare minimum, if you feel you need any at all.


agenda W/Th Apr 19/20: finish post #2, read, and 2 Fblock presentations

learning goal: what are the three basic questions governing my presentation?


see presentation guidelines on previous post

D block: sign up for presentation on white board

F block: presentations by Elizabeth and Ross (thank you for stepping up)

if necessary, finish publishing post #2  (7 people total)

leave a comment on at least one classmate’s blog–from either section

continue reading in your book

presentation guidelines

Given the calendar between now and May 5, presenters are limited to 15–count ’em–15 minutes each.

As a foundation for your presentation, use a three-slide format to address the following  questions.  The spirit of this presentation is to communicate with your classmates about something that means something to you.  This is one more chance to help them know who you are and what catches your heart and mind.

  1. Where does your interest come from?
  2. What main question(s) drove your reading?
  3. What insights are emerging from your reading?


As I watch and listen, I will use these questions?

Is the presenter

  1. communicating clearly by anticipating the audience’s needs?
  2. talking to us, rather than reading to us?
  3. focusing the presentation on the guide questions listed above?